Meeting of the Balkan Badminton Association

On 2023 January 20-21, the meeting of the Balkan Badminton Association was held in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

The following issues were discussed at this meeting:

1. The compilation of the calendar of the Balkan Badminton Association;

2. Presenting a member of the Balkan Badminton Association to the Council Directorate at the BEC Congress;

3. The discussion of presidential candidacies at the BEC Congress;

4. The determining the membership fee rate;

5. Miscellaneous.

This meeting coincided with the birthday of the President of the association, Dr. Puzant Kasabiani, to whom the National Badminton Federation of Georgia presented a symbolic gift. At the same time, the Kasabian Brothers’ Tournament was held in the city of Haskovo, in which the members of the “VIP-Sofia” club took part. Should be noted that the debutant Daniel Vagarshakian’s participation, who took the prize seats in all three performances.