World Badminton Day in Georgia!

On July 9, 2023, in connection with the World Badminton Day, an Air Badminton festival
and demonstration games were held in ‘Dedaena” Park (Tbilisi, Georgia).
The purpose of the event was to popularize Air Badminton in Georgia. Representatives
of different age groups took part in the festival.
Various gifts were distributed to the winners of the abovementioned event.
The World Badminton Day was also celebrated in the various regions of Georgia: Zemo
Adjara and Svaneti.
Organizer of the event: Georgian National Badminton Federation (GNBF).
Financial supporter: Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth of Georgia
Supporter: Tbilisi City Hall

Public school N3 of Mestia was involved in the promotion of badminton

Lia Gelashvili, a teacher of Mestia N3 public school in Svaneti (north Georgia), is involved in the process of promoting badminton with her students. Although the school does not have a gym designed for playing badminton, the teacher tries to introduce children to the history and rules of this sport. The National Badminton Federation of Georgia is planning to conduct SHUTTLE TIME training seminars in the N3 public school of Mestia in the near future.

Badminton Memorial Tournament of Levan Kurkhashvili

On 2022 December 24-25, the Levan Kurkhashvili Badmnton Memorial Tournament was held between pairs (MD, WD, XD) at the Para-Sports Development Center, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Here are the summary of the results:

Women’s Pairs:

1. Elisabeth Zumbulidze – Ketevan Tsamalaidze;

2. Elene Didbaridze – Marina Ovasapian;

3. Nino Tukhashvili – Lizi Darbaidze.

Men’s Pairs:

1. Vadim Sarkisian – Grigol Nalgranian;

2. Giorgi Janelidze – Nika Kavtaradze;

3. Pavle Krasovetsky – Alexander Shobokosov.

Mixed pairs:

1. Elene Didbaridze – Grigol Nalgranian;

2. Marina Ovasapian – Vadim Sarkisian;

3. Elisabeth Zumbulidze – Nika Kavtaradze.

For this event, the National Badminton Federation of Georgia presented Yonex shirts to the winners, and the prize winners were awarded with medals and diplomas.

The above mentioned event was held with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia.

Members of Levan Kurkhashvili’s family were invited to the said event and participated in the awarding ceremony.

The National Badminton Federation of Georgia thanks Badminton Europe for the Yonex shirts donation.

The Georgian National Badminton Federation will hold another event

The Georgian National Badminton Federation (GNBF) will hold another event on February 26-27, 2021.

In Tbilisi (capital of Georgia), in the basketball hall of Vera Garden, the Georgian Cup will be held for the team competition and a tournament for girls under 13 years of age.

This event will start at 10:00 am.

Meeting of the Balkan Badminton Association

On 2023 January 20-21, the meeting of the Balkan Badminton Association was held in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

The following issues were discussed at this meeting:

1. The compilation of the calendar of the Balkan Badminton Association;

2. Presenting a member of the Balkan Badminton Association to the Council Directorate at the BEC Congress;

3. The discussion of presidential candidacies at the BEC Congress;

4. The determining the membership fee rate;

5. Miscellaneous.

This meeting coincided with the birthday of the President of the association, Dr. Puzant Kasabiani, to whom the National Badminton Federation of Georgia presented a symbolic gift. At the same time, the Kasabian Brothers’ Tournament was held in the city of Haskovo, in which the members of the “VIP-Sofia” club took part. Should be noted that the debutant Daniel Vagarshakian’s participation, who took the prize seats in all three performances.

Georgian Badminton players at the International Tournament in Cyprus

On December 16-19, 2021, the International Youth Badminton Tournament was held in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Athletes from 13 countries participated in this tournament, including three from Georgian:

U15: Ana Iakobidze (Coach – Malkhaz Mzhavia);

U15: Revaz Mdinaradze (coach – Svetlana Vartanyan);

U13: Beka Kasradze (Coach – Tamar Metreveli).

It should be noted, that all three Georgian sportsmen competed in the international tournament for the first time.

The Georgian National Badminton Federation (GNBF) thanks Tbilisi City Hall for its support!

The “Badminton Future Stars” tournament

On November 6-7, 2021 the Vera Garden Basketball Hall (Tbilisi) hosted the ” Badminton Future Stars” tournament, which was attended by girls and boys of different age categories.

The winners:

U13: Keti Tsamalaidze, Beka Kasradze;

U15: Ana Iakobadze, Revaz Mdinaradze; U17: Lizi Zumbulidze, Nika Chkheidze.

The Sports Gathering in Gonio is completed

The sports gatherings of the youth team of the Georgian National Badminton Federation (GNBF) in Adjara, Gonio have ended (date: 2021).

The GNBF appreciated everyone’s work who contributed to the management and holding of this event at a high level.

Thanks to Mr. Edo Antadze for hosting in Gonio and the Management of Khelvachauri Sports School (Mr. Genadi Chkhaidze, Director) for creating the best conditions for sports gatherings.

The GNBF appreciates the Badminton World Federation (BWF) for support and funding of the  said event.

The next phase of the Badminton Project “Shuttle Time”

The Georgian National Badminton Federation (GNBF), after the year long “Lockdown”, began working actively and started on March 20-21, 2021, with the support from Badminton European Confederation (BEC) project “Shuttle Time”, which aims to develop badminton in all regions worldwide. The GNBF is involved in this project, which is being implemented in stages in  regions of Georgia.

Presently the program was attended by 16 sports teachers from Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, who were actively involved in the project and underwent training in Mtskheta with European Certified Tuttor led by Ms. Svetlana Vartanyan. The GNBF would like to thank the management of the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region Resource Center, the management of Mtskheta № 2 Public School and the sports teacher Mr. Zurab Mikaia for resolving the mentioned event’s organizational issues on a high level.